Studio Makeover 2013


Wire baskets from Target

One of my many goals for 2013 is to not only clean up and organize my studio, but to make it a pleasant and inspiring place to be. The space around me needs to function in a practical way, but it can soar far beyond that into a place where the ordinary turns sacred and creativity blooms into an expression of gratitude and worship. My studio needs to communicate calm within the chaos, and peace alongside productivity. So, as with all of life, cleaning my studio becomes a journey of growth. Clearing out requires evaluating which projects I really want to focus on, and which are only a distraction from those. I seek balance between the work that sells best, and that which soothes best. As I make those choices in my studio, the same decisions seem to fall in place for the rest of my life as well.   Join me on the journey of re-creating my studio from messy, mundane, and uninspired to a beautiful place where lovely things happen.  And, maybe we can share ideas as you fashion your own creative space.

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