Paint Life With the Colors You Have

8 x 10 watercolor print available for purchase at

One of my favorite things to do while on one of our beloved camping trips to the Colorado Rockies is to paint.  There is just somethng about sitting in a ray of sunlight among the towering trees, listening to the tumbling mountain stream rush by, and breathing the crisp thin air that gets my creative juices racing.  On one trip, my artbox included only four bright colors of paint, and a black Flair marker.  I was using Claudine Hellmuth Studio Paints for the first time, and wanted to see what they could do.

The paints were rich and lovely, but using only the four colors was a challenge for this color loving gal, especially since I had chosen brighter colors than I was accustomed to using.  I found myself wishing for a deep blue, or a woodsy green, colors I didn’t have in my artbox.  So, I used what I had, and this “purple finch” emerged.  (By the way, I have no idea what a REAL purple finch looks like, it just seemed an apt name for this little fellow).  I like the colors.

Lesson learned?  Instead of always wanting what I don’t have, focus on the richness I have been blessed with! None of us has been given every talent and resource, but we have all been given everything we need to create our own little pocket of beauty in our lives.  Don’t wait around until your artbox of personal blessings is full up, go paint life with the colors you have at your disposal right now!

A print of my “purple finch” is available through etsy at:

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