hospitalitree watermark

This tree, done in acrylic on canvas, is my role model.  It expresses so many levels of what I aspire to.

The woman this represents is strongly rooted in a faith that grounds her to a noble stability no matter what winds blow her way.  Fashions and fads, and the tumbling waves of fleeting whims, have little effect on this strong woman who merely bends slightly in the breeze.

Her branches reach out in every direction, capably taking care of so many little details and blessing so many others – her family, friends, and her world.  She doesn’t limit herself to one area of service, or to one group of people but cares about her family as well as her local and global community. She beautifully handles multiple tasks with a grace stemming from the connection of the branches with the core of her centered and focused self.

The limbs are ever reaching upward, seeking the best, striving for the most excellent way.  No dwelling on the things of earth, but on attaining what is above.  Reaching upward to soak in the invigorating rays of light coming from the Son.  Always, always reaching toward the light, the right, the good.

This piece was also painted in honor of the nurturing, hospitable spirit that I see in so many women.  A tiny red bird perches among her limbs, finding both a safe, restful refuge as well as a launching place from which to take flight.  Safety and stimuli comingle among the branches in a perfect balance of grace- filled encouragement.  Everyone should have this kind of haven in which to find such restorative rest.  Do you?  Are you that person?


To purchase an 8 x 10 print of this artwork, go to


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