Make a Mistake, Make it Great

imagine watermark

Some of the art techniques that I end up being most pleased with came about by accident. One of those came about when I was printing pictures to put in the art journal file box that I shared with you yesterday. I inadvertently put the photo paper into my ink jet printer the wrong way so that it printed on the backside.  It was all smudgy and smeary.  With nothing to lose, I sprayed a fixative on the image which made it bleed even further before “fixing” in place. I used my finger to smudge a cloud effect while it was still wet, and then added more detail with a paint pen after it was dry.

That was pretty fun, so I decided to try one on purpose! I printed the picture and again sprayed with a fixative.  Then, I simply pasted it to a file card, and added an open the flap quote that I purchased in a set from a local bookstore.  Fun!  I love it when mistakes can not only be redeemed, but even turn out better!

believe watermark

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