Tab Dividers in Your Art Journal Box

2009-04-16 12.17.55

Today I am going to show you a part of the art file journal project that really adds to the fun.  That is the tabs, which are the first thing you notice when you open the box.  I have collected vintage boxes for awhile, and often they came with fun cards and dividers inside.  Some are from Rolodex files, some from a recipe box, and others simply the alphabet. I made use of a variety of the vintage dividers, and made some of my own!

2009-04-16 12.16.52 (1) B12 beauty watermark copy

B4 B3 B2

I also keep a stash of tiny papers to add as tabs in just such projects:

  • tickets
  • tea bag tabs
  • those plastic things on the bread bag
  • cigar labels
  • scraps of paper and washi tape
  • tags
  • fun paper clips
  • scraps of baker’s twine

2009-04-16 12.09.47

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