Magazine turned Art Journal

a1 watermark


After looking over a selection of sketchbooks and journals recently, I found myself balking at the cost.  Promising myself that I would make the purchase “later” I left without the new art journal that I had gone to get.  I must have still had art journal on my mind as I was trying to decide whether to keep all the old magazines that I had kept to use in collage work.  What if, instead of cutting pictures OUT of the magazine and pasting them onto a painted background, I left them in the magazine and painted around them, or just painted over the ones I didn’t want?  I would leave the magazine bound and it would become my art journal.  Here I was, already sitting on a gold mine of art journals!

I selected a National Geographic because of its nice sturdy pages, as well as a Real Simple magazine because of its large size and low luster pages.



Since the Real Simple pages are a little thinner, I used a spray adhesive between every other page to make them more sturdy.  Then I chose a picture that I wanted to alter, and went after it with gesso and acrylic paints.





All ready for journaling!  Here is another page…

black background painted around the image…



My own altering added!


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