Fun Find – Bardo’s Paint Box

Bardo Box

J.B. Holdren, also known as Bardo the Clown, worked for the Kansas State Fair for 67 years as sign painter, clown and artist.  Earlier this year, at age 93 Bardo passed away in his permanent trailer home on the fairgrounds. Though he had reportedly slowed down a bit, he worked right up until the time of his death. When his estate sold, his hand painted carousel animals brought thousands of dollars each.  So, imagine my thrill when I acquired this portable painting chest that had belonged to this legendary and prolific artist.  It will find its home atop my own studio table where my own paint splatters will humbly join his.–Bardo-auction-COPY

And, for the great little shop where I found this treasure….


To see Bardo’s Paint Box at home in my studio:

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