Gratitude Greats

I think one of the great aims of an artist is to help people see the world around them through a slightly different lens.  Whether it is more convicting, more cheering, or more inspiring, the goal is to make some sort of positive impact through it.  Sometimes we need something bright and uplifting.  Sometimes we need to recognize harsh realities.  Sometimes, we just need reminded to stop and be grateful for all that we have been blessed with.  Cicero called gratitude the parent of all virtues.  Romans 1 describes the path to futile thinking and foolish hearts being darkened as beginning with a failure to give thanks to and glorify God.  Gratitude is an essential ingredient to our well being.

To help me be more mindful of noticing a greater portion of the things I have to be grateful for, I intend to start visually recording them here.  So here are my gratitude greats for the week!



This great little shop has been so hospitable in allowing a young woman in the local art mentoring project to work on her painted door project right in the store!  I am grateful for such an accommodating attitude.


sunset 6-30


This sunset had to be one of the highlights of the week.  Breathtakingly beautiful, and definitely testifies to the glory of its Creator.

Keyboard closeup


Maybe this is a bit more superficial, but I am thankful for the technological tools that I have been blessed with that really shrink the world down to a size where people all over the globe feel like my neighbors!


Color.  It seems God could have been content creating a black and white world, but I am so glad He didn’t!  I love the infinite variety of color!


Somerset magazines


I have to say that I have loved working with the Stampington Company and their wide variety of great magazines.  This week I discovered and unexpected appearance in two of them. I am grateful for such opportunities, and have really enjoyed connecting with their readers!

What were your Gratitude Greats this week?

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