Decorating tags is a quick and easy project that gives you the satisfaction of completion in a short amount of time.  I wanted to have some tags on hand to use in my art journal, so painted up six tags to use.



I was fortunate enough to acquire a batch of these vintage tags, but new ones work just fine too.




Since I don’t know for sure how I am going to use these yet, I went ahead and decorated both sides.  I used book pages, a cigar wrapper, geological map bits, paper scraps, paint and alcohol sprays.  I used a black Flair pen for the black borders, then ran over them with a wet paint brush to give a washed look.

IMG_7358 IMG_7357


I finished up with a bit of stamping, but left room for writing or more embellishing later. Finally, I took the messy paper that I protected my table with, and used it as a journal page!  Even art should be recycled!



4 thoughts on “Tagged!

  1. I love them! You totally mastered the distressed, textured look. I love the tree on the orange one. I don’t think I could choose which side to use on a page, though, because both sides are so cool. I totally love using the paper and paper towels left over from blotting and working on top of for other projects.

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