Gratitude Greats of the Week


This week I have been thinking about a quote I read somewhere (probably Pinterest) about how we totally take for granted the very things that others are earnestly praying for.  So, for starters this week, I am thankful for my daily bread. I seldom have any worries about where my next meal will come from.  Not only do I need to share, but also I also need to appreciate what I have been blessed with.  Want to see how you compare with the rest of the world?  Check it out at




I am thankful for my daily bread.  Something I so often take for granted while many go hungry.

woman praying


I am also grateful for the avenue of prayer, both for giving thanks, and for asking to receive!

fire photo copy


Fire.  A favorite part of a camping trip, but also something I take so for granted – until there are no matches or lighters!

unborn child copy (1)


Life.  Such an incredible miracle.

journal and pencil


Words to write it all down.  Paper and pencils in abundance to record them all!

Have a great-full week!

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