Stamp Carving


This is a project that has been on my to do list for awhile.  I have cut my own stamps before, but this time I just wanted some simple patterns that I could use in my art journals.  First step is to gather the supplies. I used:

  • a self healing cutting mat
  • mat knife
  • Speedball carving knife with multiple tips
  • carving block (you could also use and eraser, or linoleum block)
  • ruler


Since I wanted some patterns to run down the edge of the page, I started by cutting a 1 inch strip.


I used a ball point pen to draw my design, and then started carving with the smallest tip.


Once the design was established, I used a larger blade to cut away all the excess.  Then back to the smaller blade to tidy up the edges.


Once the carving is done, time to test out my new stamp with some ink!


Do any touching up needed, and there you go…a new stamp ready for creating!


Had so much fun I decided I should do another!


Even the triangle scraps can make so handy little stamps.  I added a little diamond to the collection to!


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