Flights of Fancy


Every artist should spend some time doing what I call “free drawing”.  Like free writing, the idea is to just let emerge on paper whatever is lurking in the mind without all the filters and edits we typically constrain ourselves with.  It is both scary, and fun to see what will emerge!  Mine are usually pretty whimsical, maybe my wish for a happy smiling world existing with the joy and harmony that God originally created it in.  A cheerful world where all is well.  Believe me, I don’t miss out on seeing the sadness, and grief and tragedy happening in the world, but on occasion I think we all need to take a “Flight of Fancy” and imagine a better, happier place!

This 20 x 24 inch watercolor is an adaptation of my sketchbook drawing.  I used Dr. Phil Martin’s liquid watercolors to achieve the vivid colors.  Prints available at

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