Weekend Art/Scrapbook Retreat


This weekend I went to a wonderful art and scrapbook retreat hosted by Renetta Gooden.  It was both spiritually and creatively uplifting and inspiring.  I loved the women that I got to hang out with, the lesson on faithbooking, the workshop where we made a prayer journal, the space and opportunity to work uninterrupted, the sung prayers, and the wonderful meals.  The spirit of collaboration and sharing of ideas stirred my urge to create.  I marveled at the number of ways in which others were expressing their own creative urge, and the way they were using it to cherish memories and serve others.  It was good to get reacquainted with friends that I haven’t seen since the last retreat.

CM art therapy CM coloring calendar

My friend Lynn taking a little break and working on her coloring calendar.

CM Lynn's art journal

I am thrilled with page 1 of Lynn’s art journal!

CM Joanna PinkertonCM Joanna's page

I was amazed at my friend Joanna Pinkerton’s Scripture Doodles which are wonderful pages packed with meaning. Each features a different Scripture, corresponding to the lesson at her church each Sunday.  Joanna makes these available as coloring pages not only to the children (and adults) at her church to doodle on during the sermon, but also freely offers them to all the rest of us here.

I worked on a top secret Christmas project, so I will have to wait to share!

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