Winter Beauty

I am not wild about winter.  I don’t like being cold.  I tire of gray skies.  About this time of year I begin to long for the warm sun and signs of spring.  This week, the temperature plunged, and winter seemed to be shouting that it was far from over.  I felt a little grumpy about needing to get out in it, until I opened my eyes to the magical wonderland laid out before me.

snow creek

But, I am glad.  I was reminded of the beauty of winter.  The fresh clean covering of snow makes all things new so that even the mundane things that I drive by every day become images of beauty.

snow mailbox  snow evergreens

In reality, beauty comes in so many forms.  What seems bad (like winter) suddenly becomes something very, very good and lovely. The covering of pure and white makes me think of how we are covered by Christ, making all beautiful.  It is a perspective that changes how I view my circumstances, and most importantly the people around me.  All have potential beauty.  All can be made lovely.

snowscape copy

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