Late night CitraSolv party


Since I am teaching a CitraSolv class tonight, last night I decided to brush up a bit and have my own private little CitraSolv party. So, I pulled out a 2010 National Geographic magazine and my spray bottle filled with CitraSolv and went to town. I had just gotten in some new stencils, so I had to let them join the party, and I love the results!

Here is a page after the ink was dissolved with CitraSolv:

step one

Then I laid the Aboriginal stencil by Julie Belzer over it and wiped away the ink in the exposed parts with apaper towel:

step two

I love the look!

step three

Had to make some more!


For these green pages, I used two different techniques with the same stencil on facing magazine pages.  On the left one, I pressed in the stencil on the still wet page and let it sit until the ink was set a bit.  On the one on the right, I used the same method as the aboriginal design, where I held the stencil on the page while using a paper towel to rub off the exposed ink.


I used a similar method on these two pages, pressing bubble wrap into the dissolved, but still wet pages.


This page was mainly type which was only slightly dissolving.  I laid one of my homemade human form stencils over the page and wiped away the ink with a paper towel.  I sprayed on some pink Dylusions spray ink, and promptly wiped it off too. After lifting off the stencil, I used my inky bubble wrap from the last pages to stamp on the bottom of the page.


This page originally had some sort of face mask artifact on it that could still be faintly seen after dissolving the ink.  Using a cotton swab, I decided to recreate the face on my page by dabbing away ink. I made a background pattern by laying the stencil onto the dryish page and wiping away ink, being careful to go around the face.


Of course, as usual, I was thoroughly delighted with the pages where I just let the CitraSolv have its way as well.  Some wonderful new pages to use!

b7 b8

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7 thoughts on “Late night CitraSolv party

  1. Fantastic! I have tried citrasolv… but not with your same results… maybe, just maybe i will break them out for my own Citrasolv party 🙂

  2. I read somewhere that it has to be “old” magazines…are “any” able to be used? And second…can you only use citrasolve, or is another orange cleaner able to give the same results?

    • I find that the older magazines do not work well for me, and definitely prefer the newer ones. I do not know about any of the other citrus cleaners, you will just have to give them a try. I have been very happy with the Citra Solv and after trying a few of the other things already in my cabinet with poor results, I have decided to just stick with the Citra Solv! Hope you have some successful page altering!

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