CitraSolv Class Part 1



Last week I taught a class on how to alter National Geographic pages  to make some really cool papers.

2010-01-23 00.28.40

b7 20140220_235119


We used spray  bottles for the CitraSolv concentrated cleaner, and aluminum trays to contain the mess. Rubber gloves are a good idea too!

2010-01-23 00.32.15


Let the fun begin!

2010-01-23 00.53.10 2010-01-23 00.40.30 2010-01-23 00.38.07 2010-01-23 00.37.47 20140221_204123


And here are some of the happy results!  A lot of coolness can come out of one magazine!

2010-01-23 02.03.42


(Sorry I didn’t get everyone’s photo, my camera battery died!)

Next week, we will have a class on USING our lovely papers!

Like this:

e2 e1 e4 etsy 2 etsy 1

10 thoughts on “CitraSolv Class Part 1

  1. Kayann, I discovered this unique technique about 5 years ago and enjoyed the paper altering process and results so much. Since there were some pages that I found absolutely fabulous, I couldn’t bring myself to part with them, so I reserved the originals and made copies of them for use in my artwork. I have shared many of these reproductions with my workshop students, who have produced their own one-of-a-kind masterpieces. It’s so nice to see your posts and the ways you share your creative talents.

    • Kathy, thanks for the comment! Would still love to see your work! I too scan and save the best pages and use them over and over, or when both sides turn out great. Some are just too hard to cut into! Good idea to share. Maybe I will have to post some downloadable ones…

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