Easy April Fool Supper

Here is a post from a year ago that I thought you might enjoy. Prepare this fun and simple April Fools menu for your family next week!

from victory road

Want a special, but super easy, April Fool dinner for your family tonight?  Throw together this candy filled “chicken pot pie” and meaty “frosted cupcakes” for a feast fit for fools! Chicken Pot Pie

The ready to bake pie crust is filled with banana pudding “gravy”, orange Starburst candy “carrots” (cut one square in 1/4) , green skittle “peas”, and banana hunks of “chicken”.  Actually makes a pretty tasty dessert that you will eat for the main course.  Then you will finish your backward meal with the main course of frosted cupcakes, which are actually meatloaf baked in cupcake papers, frosted with creamy mashed potatoes and topped with a cherry tomato.  (The idea for the meatloaf cupcakes was inspired years ago from an issue of Family Fun magazine).  Easy Peasy and so much fun!

Here’s your shopping list:


  • ready to roll out and bake piecrusts
  • instant banana pudding (and milk if you don’t have it…

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