Art Journal Update

I finished up a few of my in progress journal pages this week:


color hand watermark copy

This page was made by using some deli paper that I had used to catch by stenciling overspray while I was using stencils and spray inks on some index cards.  After several cards, along with using it to clean off my stencils, I had some really lovely paper that I added to my art journal using a matte gel medium.  I used my own hand cut hand stencil to make the hand. I finished up the page by using Posca pens  to add some detail work, and my favorite Scarlet Lime black pen for the journaling.  I love all of the color!

dream watermark

I have had the background of this page done for awhile.  Somewhere along the way, I doodled in the black and white border that shows up in a lot of my artwork. I added the word dream with a stamp I cut from art foam.  The chimpanzee is an image I cut from a book illustrating an interesting article about chimpanzee art, which proved the inspiration for a rambling sort of free writing about my dreams for my art business.

Life is beautiful watermark

This page was toward the back of my journal where I stuck in my still wet stencils while I was working on other pages.  The left side had caught spray around another one of my index card projects, making a bordered area that I really liked.  I lettered some words onto a scrap of deli paper, and used the gel matte medium to stick it on, letting some of the ink show through.  Sometimes the mess turns out to be the best art!  True to life don’t you think?

Have a great art filled week!

5 thoughts on “Art Journal Update

  1. I’m starting with few art projects right now, and I had the idea that they should be perfect! But I’m learning that Art and creativity are better if they aren’t perfect.

  2. I agree that the messes always seem to make the best art! Maybe I should start approaching all of my projects with the intention of making a mess, rather than a polished end product! 😉

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