Office Accessories Repurposed Style

Since I spend quite a bit of my work day in my office instead of in my studio, I decided it could use some revamping…both in function and eye appeal.  I love vintage, and repurposing, and I need organization.  Here are some ways that I accomplished all three!


This was a vintage magazine rack that now stores my financial papers.  I just cram everything in there, then periodically sort it all out…but in the meantime it looks all pretty and contained.


I pick up slews of business cards which I was sticking in a drawer where I would promptly forget about them.  Now I stick them in this old slide tray that has been spray painted a peachy pink to match the room.


Amongst my books sits a vintage bread box which has been painted and opens to reveal a place for my notebooks and stray papers.


My printer sits on top of this repainted microwave cart with plenty of room underneath for papers, with ink cartridges stored in a picnic basket.


And finally, an old cabinet door mounted to the wall with hooks for clipboards.  This way I can sort out my projects, but still have them in sight and handy.

I still have plenty more organizing to do, but that’s all for now!


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