Coral Floral


The big load of canvases that I purchased on sale recently has been sitting piled in a corner for days, tempting me with their promising blank surfaces.  Busy with other projects, I have been doing my best to ignore their call.  But last night it was finally too irresistible and instead of going to bed I headed to the studio.  I pulled out this 10 x 20 inch stretched canvas and started to play. 

First, I gave it a background coat.  I normally don’t use a lot of pink, but pink is what I pulled out for this piece, along with some leftover homemade coral chalk paint from another project. Using a well used stencil, I added modeling paste to the background using an old plastic gift card.


I had previously used some red ink spray with this stencil, and now the leftover spray blended beautifully with the modeling paste…one of those moments of serendipity that so often blesses artwork.  I added more swirls of modeling paste, more paint, and more modeling paste until the piece was richly textured.



I love the deep 1 1/2 inch drop of my new canvases, so I was sure to wrap my artwork onto the sides.

side edge

The time to go out on the sunny porch to photograph, and my piece is done!

easel  detail

This and other new pieces with be available for viewing and purchase at Bluebird Books in Hutchinson, KS for the month of September. 

coral floral watermark

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