Monday in Montana – trip journal part 5


After thoroughly enjoying all the fun little shops and restaurants in the town of Bozeman, we turned our attention to the surrounding area.  There are some wonderful easy hikes in the area, and one of our favorites was this one to Grotto Falls.  It was a rainy day, but that didn’t get in the road of enjoying the view.  I had previously prepared this page by pasting in some pattern tissue (another item in the stock of supplies I brought with me) and painting over it with a muted yellow.  I didn’t worry about smoothing out the wrinkles, because I liked the added texture.


I took a photo of my family with the beautiful falls in the background and decided to leave a full page for it. When I got the photo back though, I decided I wanted to tone down the distracting clothing everyone was wearing, so I painted rain coats on them.  I also did some other painting on the photo leaving the effect of not being sure whether this is a photo, or a painting.  On the facing page  I wrote all about the hike, including a little drawing of our lunch, and of the stacked stones we saw there.  If we missed getting a photo of something, no worries, I just sketched it in!


On another hike we took, I stopped at a beautiful spot by a stream instead of going on with the rest.  I enjoyed painting my version of it with a travel watercolor set I had with me.  The top of the right page has a torn tree line to add some interest to the page.


On our drive back, it started pouring rain. I took photos out of the windshield, which I replicated with moving washer blades.  The rear view mirror was made with a gum wrapper.  When you journal on the go it helps you be more creative with your materials!  I did have with me the letter stickers, and a few brads.


After the rain was over, we were treated to an absolutely gorgeous double rainbow.  Of course, it was nearly impossible to capture its full beauty.


And there you have another day or two from my travel journal.  How do you document your travels?


2 thoughts on “Monday in Montana – trip journal part 5

  1. I am thoroughly enjoying seeing the pages from your travel journal. What a fantastic way to record your trip. I have always written detailed travel journals but perhaps next time we take an interesting vacation somewhere I might try a spot of visual journalling too.

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