Smash Book Kit

smash book label

Yesterday I told you all about my new Art Journal Kits.  Today, I would like to introduce my Smash Book Kit.  My smash books, made from vintage Reader’s Digest Condensed books and filled with found and funky papers, have been a hit.

3 e3

So, I thought why not try a kit version where folks can create their own, decorate the cover, and fill with whatever goodness they choose. So was born my smash book kit, a very versatile little book that can be a scrapbook, a planner, a recipe book, a journal, or a collection of life’s little mementos.  One of my creative customers even used one as a guest book for their wedding!


The kit comes with many great items packaged in a 9 x 12 x 3 inch box with a handy handle.  First of all, the binder.  I still put this together for you with a double binder ring inside of a book cover.  It can be used as is, or embellished with paint, or hardware, or any number of great vintage, or vintage look embellishments.


smash books


Besides the Smash Book itself, a key part of this kit is the two hole binder punch, with spacing that perfectly matches the rings in the book, enabling you to easily make almost anything a page in your smash book….a photo, an envelope, junk mail, an old recipe….whatever your imagination can come up with!

binder punch

If you want to use your Smash Book as a Planner, you will appreciate the computer disk included that has files of monthly and weekly pages to fit that you can print as many times as you wish.  I like to print mine on 90lb. watercolor paper so I can paint the pages.

monthly pages watermark


week decorated watermark

Another special feature of the Smash Book Kit is the Peerless Watercolor Sheet that can fit right into your book, so it is always with you!

peerless e1

peerless page sm

I also have included a paper pack to help you get started.  Book pages, music, patterned paper, a vintage photo replica, flash card, map pages, … all kinds of fun papers to punch and put into your book. You can also cut your own papers to 4 3/4 x 7 1/4 inches to fit in the book.

page pack

Another fun packet that I have gathered up for this kit is the Tickets, Tags, and Tabs.  Use these heavier tags and cards and tickets to make fun tabs for your book.  I love tabs!

tags, tabs and tickets

I have also included a couple of options for sticking all your goodies into the book:

washi tape copy  glue stick

And for stamping, stenciling and labeling:

stamp  stemcil and label

And of course, it would not be complete without one of my favorite pens, the Signo Uniball 207, medium point.

uniball signo 207

All in all a very fun package full of goods!

smash book kit

Want one?  Head over here!


Art Journal Kits

I am pretty excited about my new art journal kits.  This is the gift that I would love to receive!

I have used a small vintage suitcase as a little travel studio, and I have chosen the box for this kit with that in mind.  It has a handy handle to carry, extra room inside to add your own favorite goodies, and it is just right to sit on your lap as a little table.

IMG_2272 (1)

art journal kit

Inside the Art Journal Kit I have gathered all my favorite essentials.  Inside the lid is a list of contents, along with a short description of what to do with them!

contents with descrips

Of course you have to have a journal, and this little mixed media journal is just the ticket for on the go journaling.

strathmore journal

I have also gathered some of my favorite pens to use with my own journal.  These pens are some of the few that write well over a painted page:

The Signo Uniball 207 BOLD

uniball signo 207

The Signo Uniball in white

white signo

I have also been using a china marker a lot lately, so I stuck in one of those as well>

china marker

And then, washi tape and a glue stick for sticking things in….

glue stick washi tape copy

Of course we need some color, so I chose a large watercolor set…. 36 colors!


I also added a cute little mini mister bottle that can be used to spray water, or to mix some watercolor in for spray color, which can be used delightfully with the doilies, or stencils, or punchinella, or plastic canvas,  included in the special effects bag…also in this kit.

special effects

Here are some examples of the special effects you can achieve with these!


Here is another technique…paint dabbed through the punchinella with the enclosed cosmetic sponge.

cosmetic wedge journal background c

Other little packages I made for this kit include a pretty papers pack (contents will vary slightly):

papers and pretties papers and pretties pkg

And a tabs, tickets, and tags pack (contents will vary slightly on these too!) for making fun tabs in your journal:

tags, tabs and tickets

And for those of you a little insecure about your lettering I threw in a alphabet stencil:

letter stencil

And last, but not least is a handy little sheet full of journaling prompts!

If you would like to purchase this Art Journal Kit, go here!

Next time I will tell you all about my Smash Book Kit!



Give Thanks Psalm 107:1

Ps 107 color

With today’s doodle, I am setting my mind toward thanksgiving, and all that I have to be grateful for.  First and foremost I “give thanks to the Lord for He is good; His love endures forever”

Would you like to color your own?  Feel free to print out the black and white for your own use.  Maybe it would be fun to have on hand for restless kids on Thanksgiving day, or use as a placemat for everyone at the table!

Psalm 107.1

2015 Wall and Desk Calendars



New 2015 Calendars featuring some of my recent artwork are available in both wall and desktop versions.


The front features one of my new favorites, “Alternative Poppies”



Each of the months has their own image, so 13 pieces of art all together!


peace in the chaos copy copy 2Heart of the Matter watermark March Watermarkpoppieswatermark copy good thoughts wtrmk copy feathers watermark copy

Aspens in Teal watermark ART PLAY LOVE watermark Groucho11x14 watermark Fear no evil watermark fall colors watermark no place like home copy


And there you have a look at my 2015 Art Calendar.

If you would like to purchase the wall calendar go here.

If you prefer the desk calendar, go here.


Montana Journal – the final days

Tetons journal page

The journey continues….from Yellowstone we swung down through the majestic Grand Tetons.  Again, I found vintage look postcards in a gift shop and added them to my vintage and worn ledger that I was using as a journal.  I added torn paper, and cut out photo images of the mountains.  In the corner I tucked one of my favorite photos.  It is impossible to capture the beauty on a two dimensional page, but the images can serve well to jog our memories!

jackson journal page

In Jackson, we marveled at the antler arch, and the ski slopes jutting right up to the town.  En route to our campground we encountered a large herd of bison, and a moose meandering through the campsites.  The next day was a highlight when we went rafting down the Snake River.  Since we didn’t have photos of that activity, I had to make do with my own illustration and description of it.  Wavy journal lines, and swirly words are meant to give the feel of the event.

snake river journal

Leave behind the mountains, the drive from Jackson to Denver seemed a barren one!  I had my journal on my lap, but there was not much to take note of other than large open spaces and the occasional distant pronghorn deer.


In Denver, I got up early in the morning to work in my journal as had become my habit on this trip.  However, turning on the light was problematic because it would have awakened others.  So, I sat in the dark, sketching and writing on a page I could barely see.  Interesting results!

Now that we were back in civilization, we caught up on what we had missed while traveling, mainly the Olympics.  So I made a page of newspaper clippings of things that had happened during our trip.  Maybe it will be interesting years from now to have some historic reference to the time.

olympicsThe journal ends with pages of contents, naming some of the supplies that I used on each of the pages. This might be a handy reference one day.  I also collaged some of our receipts and expenses…both practical and nostalgic.


And there we end our journey together through my Montana Trip journal.  Hope you have enjoyed coming along with me!