Upcycled Valentine boxes


I had the foresight to snatch these small heart boxes that had been full of chocolates from the recycling bin once Valentine’s Day had come and gone. For the next Valentine’s Day, we gave small gifts (like pretty socks) in those same boxes that I had given a new look.


The process was a simple one.  I covered the bottom with a piece of scrapbook paper cut to match.


For the lid, I used torn bits of papers to cover the entire lid, then lightly brushed on some paint.


Then I cut out the word “love” from a sticky back sheet of craft foam and stuck it to a second piece to create an inexpensive and personal stamp.


I used this to stamp the lid of the painted box for a final touch.

10 11

I also made sure I gave the sides some attention as well.


I finished off three of these as wonderful gift boxes!


So, save those chocolate boxes…or maybe even find some marked down ones after Valentine’s Day.  I have some ideas for filling my next ones…but I can’t give it away just yet!

5 thoughts on “Upcycled Valentine boxes

  1. Love these artfully altered heart-shaped boxes. You’re giving me ideas for my Valentine’s Day greeting cards. Thanks for all your wonderful sharing!

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