Painted Leather Billfold

Once in awhile I just have an urge to paint some leather!  If I don’t have time for a big project, like shoes, or a purse, a little cuff or billfold will do!

Recently I dug this red leather billfold out of my stash.  It had an ugly embellishment on the flap that in my hurry to remove I forgot to take a picture of!


I used stencils to paint the background on the exterior with a mix of my Angelus leather paints, letting the original red show through …


Then I added some matching red flowers as a finishing touch!


I love the transformation!

Somerset Apprentice Giveaway Celebration!


I am privileged to have the creation of my mixed media collage piece, “Deep Roots” as one of the featured articles in the current issue of Somerset Apprentice Magazine. It is pretty fun to see it in print, especially in such a lovely, high quality magazine!  I love all of the Stampington Company magazines, and this marks my 20th appearance in one of their many publications!

IMG_4698 IMG_4699

To help me celebrate, Somerset Apprentice has graciously offered a free issue to the winner of a drawing right here on my blog! All you need to do is leave a comment, and you will be automatically entered!  The winner will be randomly drawn from the pool, and notified via a reply comment.  You will email me your address, which I will pass on to Somerset Apprentice, and they will send you a complimentary issue ($14.99 value).  How fun is that?!

Besides some other great feature articles, like this one by Stephanie Ackerman on making a cute little painted pouch…


…there are segments called “from the pros” like this one about Tara Ross and her adorable painted fabric dolls.

IMG_4705 IMG_4704

In the back are also some refreshers on basic techniques, like how to use Citra Solv to alter National Geographic pages, like I did for my Deep Roots piece, or how to stain papers with walnut crystals.


So many great how to articles packed into these magazines, and loads of detailed photos.  I love having these magazines in my library to go back to again and again whenever I need a little inspiration or instruction.

So, be sure and leave your comment and watch for the winner to be announced on April 6!

Good luck!



If You Love Me…. Scripture Doodle

John 14.15 finished

Our lessons in church have been over the Ten Commandments, and their continued relevance, so I have been looking at what the New Testament has to say.  Today’s Scripture Doodle is from John 14:15, “If you love me, you will obey what I command.”

I painted mine on my lap with my little watercolor set and aquabrush…

John 14.15 in progress2

I find it relaxing to paint my doodles on a Sunday afternoon, so I will share my doodle with you to enjoy as well!  Feel free to copy and print for your own use.

John 14.15


It’s a Horse, of Course!

Not long ago, I decided to try something new. It was something that a customer had asked for almost a year ago, but I dismissed because “I don’t do those.” Well, it stuck in my head, and I finally decided there really was no reason I couldn’t do one!  After all, what is an artist without a little imagination?

"Equine Imagination"

“Equine Imagination”

So here is my version of a horse.  Something totally new to me.  That was a month or so ago… just about two weeks before a totally unrelated project came up involving…you guessed it, a horse!  I am glad that I decided to open myself up to new possibilities!

2015-03-04 12.24.22

I enjoy using fun collage elements in my work.  It turns into an I Spy adventure!  In this piece can you spot a woman, a bird, a flower, some leaves, and a tiny little horse?

I also used my favorite Citra Solv altered papers.  Almost gives it a bit of a dragon look don’t you think? Hmm…. I have never done a dragon….

The Smallest Act of Kindness

the smallest act of kindness watermark

“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention”  

Oscar Wilde

Not so wild about this art journal page, but I love the quote!  Notice the tiny little figure holding out a heart to a child…. Sometimes I get so focused on the big stuff I plan to do that I miss the small little everyday opportunities to give kindness.  I hope today to live for the small acts of kindness instead of the big things that may never happen!

Also like this trio of houses stencil by Carolyn Dube available at Stencil Girl . So many ways it can be used!

Glue Gun Masks

I have seen many mixed media artists make wonderful use of masks that they have made using a glue gun.  I finally decided to give the technique a try.

It is so quick and easy!  I used a glass mat to make my hot glue designs on, making it easy to peel them off when they had cooled.

I made some of the wonky circles that I love, and used them in my art journal with some spray inks right away.

glue gun wonky circles wonky 2 closeup

Then I did some kind of funky bubble plant, leaves, flowers, words …. I am hooked!

glue gun  glue gun words

glue gun flowers glue gun leaves

Hope you have as much fun with these as I did!

wonky circles

The Gathering of Koi

I have been on a fish kick lately, and finally created the mixed media Koi piece that has been swimming around my head for awhile.


It was a fun process, as every mixed media adventure seems to be!

To create the background on this 18 x 24 inch canvas, I altered a background of National Geographic magazine strips with Citra Solv concentrated cleaner. (See this post for the process!)


Then I created my fish by cutting the basic shapes out of a poster that had the colors I liked.


I layered more papers, and paint onto this base, and added some spots using punchinella (sequin waste) as a stencil to give the impression of scales.

close up papa closeup mama

I also found a tie dyed looking green paper napkin in my stash that worked well for the whimsical water plants.

close up sea weed close up

I made sure that the design wrapped around the deep sides of the canvas, so the piece can be hung without framing.


All in all, I was pretty happy with my first efforts at playing with Koi!

the gathering watermark

This print is available in my etsy shop here.