Mr. Bunny

bunny watermark

I thought I would share with you the process of inspiration for a piece of artwork, in this case my “Mr. Bunny”.

Lots of things trigger ideas.  It might be something I see in a store, on a card, in the junk mail, nature,…anything can plant ideas in my head… often I don’t even realize exactly when and where the idea started brewing.  But once it starts forming, it often ends up in my sketchbook…


The idea for this elongated sort of bunny came from my new friend Rebecca who I did a fundraising project with.  We were doing a collaborative piece on a long skinny canvas.  She wanted to do a cat, so we ended up with this:

cat by Rebecca

So that is where the idea came for the bunny in a similar style.  The strange little pod flowers are another theme that has been cropping up in my artwork here and there.  I started making seaweed, water plant looking things to accompany my koi fish I have been doing lately.

the gathering

Can you spot the “pods” in this new piece?

out for a swim watermark

I even made glue gun masks of pods…

glue gun

I just discovered that Julie Balzer has designed some great stencils of pods as well!

Maybe I will carve some pod stamps….

Where do you get your great art ideas?

(If you want a print of Mr. Bunny, go here!)

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