Don’t throw out that leftover dye!

Easter eggs

This weekend we had great fun decorating Easter eggs with the grandkids.  Ever on the lookout for art supplies, I decided to try using the leftover dye as watercolor paints on Sunday’s Scripture doodle.


As always, I began with an ink drawing of the Scripture, this week from Philippians 2:6-8, a good reflection on the servant nature of our Lord, Jesus.  Feel free to download this black and white page and print for your own coloring fun and meditation!

Phil 2.6-8

Then I added a light color wash with splashes and drips of the dye on the watercolor page sprayed with water..

Phil 2.6-8 pastel

Then I darkened the pretty pastel colors OUTSIDE of the words:

Phil 2.6-8 color watermark

How appropriate for this week’s Scripture Doodle to be painted with Easter egg dye!

And the winner of last week’s Somerset Apprentice Giveaway Celebration?

Kathleen Loveland!

Kathleen, please email me at with your address, so your magazine can be mailed to you!

Thank you to all who participated!

7 thoughts on “Don’t throw out that leftover dye!

  1. How very cool!! Recycle is always a top priority with me! I love new ideas, and this was a great one, thank you!

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