Four Seasons Trees

SPRING watermark

My friend Shirley commissioned a set of four canvases depicting a tree in each of the four seasons in memory of her mother a few years ago. I call the set, “Shirley’s Trees”.

Today, I want to share a project with you that I made from prints of those trees.

window pane trees for etsy copy

I did have to crop the images a bit to fit the panes, but the real trick is finding a four paned window to put them in!

For more ideas using window panes, visit Pinterest!

5 thoughts on “Four Seasons Trees

  1. These are just lovely! The window frame is the right home for them … love the words with each season and never thought of the word celebrate for fall but it works … it is my favorite time of year, now when I see leaves falling instead of an ‘end’ it’s a celebration! Adore 🙂 Thanks for sharing your art!

  2. I love this so much. I have a 4 window pane that’s been waiting for me to decorate. Thank you for the idea. I would love to do.something similar to this. I will dedicate it to my son who’s been living with type 1 diabetes.

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