Peerless Watercolor


Peerless watercolors first made their appearance in 1902, initially being used to tint photographs. Now, over 100 years later, they are still made using the same process that Chas. F. Nicolson developed when the company was formed in 1885.

Peerless watercolors are purchased in a book of 15 sheets of intensely pigmented watercolors.  To make them a little handier to transport, I cut them into little swatches and glue them to a handy little card made from watercolor paper, and labeled with the names of each color.  Then I slip it between some acetate (doubles as a paint palette!), making it perfect for on the go watercoloring.  It fits nicely into my smash books, and I include one of these in my smash book kits.  It also slips nicely between the pages of an art journal.  Couple it with an aqua brush, and you can paint wherever you go!  Find my sampler sheets here.

peerless e1

peerless page

On my own, I have painted the colors, and mixes above and to the sides so I can see the true color at a glance.  These little babies are amazingly intense and color packed!

peerless e2

If you aren’t so sure about Peerless watercolors, this is the perfect way to take the plunge and give them a try!

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