Final Friday at Tessera Fine Art Gallery

Tonight is Wichita’s Final Friday Art Walk. It is a fun evening when galleries stay open later and even other business jump in on the fun by hosting a featured artist for the evening.

final friday ict

Since I hang my art at Tessera Fine Art Gallery (#8 on the map above), I will mainly be hanging around there for the evening.  I would love for any of you in the area to stop by and say hello!  It is a great gallery with loads of incredible artists that I feel humbled to be rubbing shoulders with.  They have art in every medium, both 2D and 3D.  There are steampunk creations, paper crafting, and all kinds of other unique (and giftable) art.

Tessera Gallery shares a building with Gallery XII, so you get even more art to look at for the stop!  Next door is Mead’s Corner coffee shop in case you need to stop for a sandwich or one of their famous gelatos.

mead's corner

Just a couple of weeks ago I graduated from my small wall at Tessera Fine Art Gallery in Wichita to this larger one.  I am excited because now I can have even more of my artwork available there.

Here is the space I had before,

Tessera April

And here is the space I have now!  As you can see, I have more than doubled my space!  I also have a nice selection of note cards and prints in my little area.

Tessera Gallery

See that little gap at the top right of the photo?  Here is the brand new piece that will go in the spot.

Contemplative watermark

The other thing I love about Tessera is that they have a classroom!  I am looking forward to the workshops that I will both attend and teach in this space!


I am going to get to do one of each next week with these two upcoming workshops!

I am thrilled to get to attend part of this workshop…

Julie Ford Oliver workshop

…and on Saturday I will be teaching this one…

class flyer June 6

So many artsy things happen around this place!  Be sure and stop by tonight to take a look!


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