King Goldfinch

2015 Worried Goldfinch

I paint much more often from my imagination than I do from a photo, but a friend recently gave me photos that she had taken of birds in her backyard.  I have had the urge to paint birds for a while now, and finally got out those photos to give it a try.  I love this image of a goldfinch sitting on the edge of a bird bath with the reflection of his backside showing in the water.  Of course, I gave it my own whimsical twist!

king goldfinch watermark

I painted the bird and birdbath on thin (90lb) hot press watercolor paper layered on top of a background I made with Citra Solv on National Geographic magazine strips.  I painted the negative spaces of the background, leaving the branches, leaves, flowers and crown with the background showing through.  The water also shows the background patterned paper with some light blue paint on top.  I added shading and accents with my favorite Derwent Inktense pencils.

King Goldfinch framed

With a cream color mat and a gold tone frame, this guy is all ready to hang!  It will be spending the month of June hanging with many of my other pieces at Metropolitan Coffee in Hutchinson.

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