Window with a View

Thanks to one of my “scouting” friends (those who keep their eyes out for treasures for me), I recently acquired some old windows.


I was thrilled to get them because I have been hunting for four paned windows every since I sold this popular one with prints of my four season trees cut to size and mounted in the window panes.

window pane trees for etsy

The framing process is a little tricky when using old windows.  First, prepare the window by either removing loose flakes, or gluing them down, cleaning stray paint and years of dust and grime off of the glass, and repairing any loose joints.


Then the prints must be resized to fit the window panes.  I have yet to find a window with standard art print sized panes!  My originals were 12 x 12 inches, so I had to do some cropping and photoshopping to get the right size of prints.


Then it takes some careful trimming since the openings are rarely perfectly square.


Once the prints are in, the same process has to be done with thick cardboard, making sure it fits tightly in each pane.


Double check that everything looks right, then glue, kraft paper and a wire hanger finish off the back of the piece.


Now it is done and ready to enjoy!


Just want the prints to put in your own window frame? Visit my etsy shop.

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