The Blue Musketeers

the blue musketeers watermark

I have been enjoying having the bird photos that my friend Connie has shared with me from her own backyard bird watching as inspiration for my artwork lately.  I don’t usually work from an image, so it has been kind of a nice change to have a photo to look at to know where shading, colors, shapes should be.  Of course, I still had to mix in other media, so this piece is a multi media collage.  The background is my Citra Solv and stencil technique.  The surface the birds are standing on is made by adding some book pages and paint to the background.  I painted the birds with acrylic paint, paint on 90 lb. hotpress watercolor paper, cut them out, and then pasted them on.

I use matte gel medium for almost everything, using either a palette knife or brush to coat the surface, then using a brayer to smooth out the bubbles.

Here is the photo that I was working from:


Which way do you like to make art, from your imagination, or from what is in front of you or in a photo?

This framed original work is available at Metropolitan Coffee in Hutchinson, KS through the month of June 2015. 

Want a print of this piece? Go to my etsy shop.

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