“Housing Development”

Housing Development watermark

The first layer of “Housing Development” was created in a demo for an advanced Citra Solv workshop that I was teaching a week or so ago.  I loved the brown and blue combination of this piece, so was excited to use it as the base for a new mixed media piece.


I used layers of gesso, chalk paint, and Derwent Inktense pencils to paint the negative space, leaving the form of a huge old tree.  With the circles on the trunk, I imagined a natural sort of apartment complex so started adding animals.  From there, the name seemed a logical choice.

IMG_5417 IMG_5416

Then I added more paint, and more Inktense shading. The final touch was to add leaves and some foliage cut from Citra Solv altered National Geographic pages.


Then a little more paint, and some more touches with the Inktense pencils and I was ready to call it done.  The final step was to frame the piece in a salvaged frame which I refinished.


It always feels good to complete a piece of artwork! I have been doing more of these hidden picture sorts of pieces… it feels like it goes a step further in engaging the viewer, making them a part of the piece as well.

How many animals can you find?

Housing Development watermark

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