A Progression of Trees

Trees have always been a favorite subject mater for me.  Our rural home has many 100+ year old trees, and their stately steadfastness inspires me. They are always reaching upward, always growing, always blooming again after the another season of winter.  I want to be all of those things!

So many of my first paintings were from the familiar…. trees!  One of my very first pieces in pen and watercolor became my logo.

folk art tree watermark

That was fun, so I made the same sort of tree as a four seasons watercolor…

four in one

From there came my mixed media version of my four seasons.  Here is spring…

SPRING watermark

Since then I have mainly stuck with mixed media for my trees.

deep roots watermark copy fall colors watermark

I use trees when I am experimenting with new Citra Solv techniques…

harlequin tree watermark med

And I love all the meaning in this tree with little images collaged in of all of the things a tree silently witnesses in its lifetime….

If Trees could Talk watermark

Or, this new piece with little critters hidden in the trunk..

Housing Development watermark

It will be fun to see which direction my trees take me next!

Which style is your favorite?

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