Week in review…

This whirlwind week began with us in Austin, Texas and ends with us in Lincoln, Nebraska heading back home to Kansas. In between was a busy few days finishing a commissioned piece of art, children’s book illustrations, new book quote artwork, and all the other odds and ends that come with running your own business.

Here is the instagram version of the week…



Every car trip means some sketching is going to happen…I am feeling a rooster piece is coming up!


An in progress shot of a commissioned piece with a sweet story. Got it finished up this week!


I made framable 8×10 versions of my popular bookmarks with quotes.


Nearly finished with a current children’s book project.


Beautiful Sunken Gardens in Lincoln, Nebraska. Saw some great fireworks too!


Loved this collection of stamped bricks!


Always fun to drive through towns and find hidden treasures and fun architecture!


And of course the sketchbook in the car…this time with designs for new stencils I plan to cut.


Stopped in a little town to attend church in a quaint old building. During the lesson (I really did listen!) I sketched the design on the end of the pew.

I look forward to being back home for a bit! How was your week?

2 thoughts on “Week in review…

  1. That first picture is in my photo albums but with different people. Good memories. I am a native Texan and we made the trip many times. As of this year, most of my family (parents and one brother) now live right here in my town and it has been a real treat. I can’t even think about covering so much territory in one week!

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