Indian Sojourn

Indian Sojourn watermark

When I was 16, I went on a trip to India with my parents who were on a business trip.  While they attended conferences, I went on tours of New Delhi.  I saw so many things!  Beautiful ancient architecture, snake charmers, market places full of hand carved treasures (especially elephants), curried chicken, chipatis, and an elephant for which traffic stopped while he took his sweet time pulling a log down the street. I loved the exotic feel, and the experience still influences the things I am attracted to in art. Whether we mean for them to or not, each piece tells a story and exposes something of ourselves.

In this reverse painted piece I started with a background made from some gelli printed deli paper.  I added a paper pieced and painted Taj Mahal in the lower left corner. Here and there is some Hindi script.  An Indian postage stamp bearing the image of Ghandi appears in the blanket over the elephants back.  I added some touches of Pebeo paints in gold to add to the exotic look, as well as a variety of stencils.

It was such a fun piece to do!

Thanks for stopping by!

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