Musical Easels Workshop

Last Saturday I held a “Musical Easels” Workshop at Tessera Fine Art Gallery in Wichita.  It is great as an introduction to mixed media techniques, but also helps the experienced artist work more intuitively and focus on the process without a clear idea of the end result.  We use a timer for each step, so we have to work somewhat quickly, without a lot of deliberation.  All in all it is a fun way to stretch ourselves a bit!

Getting some paper down onto our blank canvases….

PSX_20150718_194613 PSX_20150718_194656 PSX_20150718_194922

adding some beautiful colors!

PSX_20150718_195746 PSX_20150718_195706 PSX_20150718_195628

And getting busy with our creativity!

PSX_20150718_195536 PSX_20150718_195447 PSX_20150718_195326 PSX_20150718_195228 PSX_20150718_194822 PSX_20150718_195116

After enjoying a fun afternoon together!


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