Art Journal Prompt


Sometimes it’s just not worth the trouble….

What are some things you waste time worrying about? Things that rob you of the joy you could be having?

In my book turned art journal, I list a couple of things that just aren’t worth the trouble….like worrying about the future, or whether people like me…. those are just distractions from the happiness of just being kind to people!

It’s been awhile since I have shared from my art journal, but I am still working in them, trying out new ideas, techniques, and materials. How are you coming on yours?

2 thoughts on “Art Journal Prompt

  1. I need this as my mantra. I get so stressed trying to keep my house clean and tidy while my kids untidy it faster than I can work. I need to not let it trouble me. Then there are the people in my life who are not worth my trouble. Definitely a simple phrase to ponder.

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