Artist Trading Card Fun

I decided I wanted to make more examples for some ATC (artist trading card) workshops that I have coming up, and in the process was reminded just how fun these little bits of original art are to create!  They are basically like making little mini art journals pages.  They fly together much more quickly, and it made me feel super productive to make a nice little stack of cards.


I started with a standard deck of playing cards (hence the common workshop name of 52 card pickup!) and then painted and collaged all kinds of funness onto them.  The secret to success is in my stash of bits and pieces that I have collected over time to have all ready for use.  Recently, I downloaded some of Teesha Moore’s printable pages and had a blast including her funky images on my cards.  Well worth the membership in her Artstronauts Club!  I will be digging out some of my own art to make downloads for the workshop and to add to the ones available over in my etsy shop.


I also used Dina Wakely stamps, vintage pattern cutouts, various stencils, postage stamps, and other scraps and bits.

IMG_5794 IMG_5792

These are so much fun!  Can’t wait for my next ATC card workshop!

And, my next 52 card pickup workshop is Oct. 19 at Carriage Factory Gallery in Newton, KS.  Call  (316)284-2749 to register.

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