Name this piece contest!

rose decomposition watermark

I have just finished this mixed media piece on an 18 x 24 inch wood panel, and can’t think of a suitable name for it!  I was hoping to get some help, so if you have a name, leave your suggestion here, or email me at, or leave it in the comments or message on Facebook or Instagram.  I will choose a winner on Friday, Sept. 4.  The contributor of the winning name will receive an 8 x 10 inch print of the piece (provided you leave me your name and address!).

Let me tell you a little more about the making of this art so you can get your wheels turning!

I started out by piecing together National Geographic pages that were in tan tones.  I arranged them in rectangular sections of various size, with the darker pieces at the bottom. Once these were attached to the board, I sprayed generously with Citra Solv and covered with plastic wrap.  The result was a muted and earthy and interesting background.


Onto this, I laid out a paper cutout of the flower design as a base for collage work,  and later paint.  The petals and leaves have various papers collaged into them…. map pages, diagrams, book pages, Citra Solv papers, and an old handwritten recipe card. It’s all mostly covered with paint in this photo, but if you look hard you can see some traces.  This stage is the time consuming, and somewhat tedious part, but I love the rich depth the papers add to the finished artwork.

IMG_5827 copy

Then the acrylic paint.  I layered it on thick to add texture to the petals.  Once I had the majority of it painted, I decided it was much too bright for the look I had in mind.  It seemed jarring with the background.


So I covered the roses and leaves with sepia high flow acrylic, which I then wiped off the highlight areas.  Much better!

rose decomposition watermark

So, does that help you think of a title?  It has a grungy, yet renaissance, look about it…. or maybe weathered and worn…

Can’t wait to hear what you come up with!

If you want to see this original framed piece….it will be hanging at Artlandia in Hutchinson for the month of September.

8 thoughts on “Name this piece contest!

  1. Hi Kayann! Beautiful piece. I’ve been going back & reading some of your older blog entries. I especially love the colors & the background of this piece. It also peaked my curiosity ~ What did you end up calling this piece?

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