Rooster Reinvented

Rooster Reinvented watermark

I had fun putting this guy together last week.  I started with a background of torn strips of National Geographic magazine, treated with Citra Solv concentrated cleaner and my hand cut chicken wire stencil.  The part collage, part paint’ rooster struts proudly on top.  He is made with some printed deli paper from a take out, wallpaper, book pages, and more Citra Solv paper. Can you pick out each of the elements?

I touched up with some paint, and my Derwent Inktense pencils.  Finally, I dripped and dribbled and splattered some black and some sepia over the whole shebang, and here he is!  I already have some ideas for the next one…

The 16 x 20 original canvas is available this month at Ecofest.  Call (316) 684-3481 if interested.

3 thoughts on “Rooster Reinvented

  1. I love this, thanks for sharing the technique, I’m so glad with this,I tried it my way with nailremover. The cock is so unique really wonderful!
    Big hugs Anja

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