Flights of Fancy Redo

flights of fancy watermark

A couple of years ago, I painted this 20 x 24 inch watercolor that I called Flights of Fancy.  I liked the concept, and an incomplete vision of it in my mind, but I was not wild about how the piece turned out.  It was a bit too anemic, maybe a little too rushed. Not every piece is a winner… Since I still liked the concept. rather than discard it, I decided to attempt a redo.

flights of fancy redo watermark

I made the birds and the face a bit more realistic so there would be a contrast with the fanciful and whimsical surroundings.  I made the background darker and added a ghost of stenciled image.  I added more leaves to the tree, and around the woman’s face. I added some shading to the tree, and a little bird snuggled into the leaf “hair” of the woman.

20151021_134356  20151021_134345

So what do you think? Which do you like better, the original watercolor, or the new mixed media version?

flights of fancy watermark flights of fancy redo watermark

10 thoughts on “Flights of Fancy Redo

  1. Wow!….Wow, Kayann! I love watching the progression of your work. It is clear that God’s gifts are at work within you!

  2. I much prefer the new version. The stronger colors work more successfully to differentiate the spaces and patterns and the shading adds dimension. The original piece was lovely too but the reworking takes it to another level.

  3. This is like asking “what’s your favorite candy”!! Both stand on their own, but the transformation of the girl, the background is nothing short of stunning!

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