Throwback to October 2012


In October of 2012, I was thrilled to have my artwork and accompanying article featured in Somerset Studio magazine.  Though I have had work in many magazines since, that was the first and I still feel a sense of gratitude for the opportunity.  That little bit of success played a part in the turn I chose to take in my art business in 2013.  As I arrive at the same time of year once again, I kind of sit back and review my journey and contemplate where I want to go next.

insanity watermark dream watermark

darkness peering watermark  nevermore watermark

I have created more pieces than ever this year, and continue to live my dream of creating on a daily basis.  I still love mixed media, using Citra Solv and incorporating words, but I have grown in my artwork and improved my skills and techniques. I also recognize that serendipity still plays a huge role in everything I do… my part is to take those unexpected windows of opportunity and run with them!

If you are interested in the Sept/Oct 2012 issue of Somerset Studio magazine, with Poe themed artwork, it is still available here.

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