Art at Bluebird Books


I am always so happy to hang art at Bluebird Books… it is just such a fun atmosphere!

  • For one thing, I love books, and always have to do a little looking around while I am there.  When I hang art in December, there is the added lure of doing a little Christmas shopping…
  • For another, the store is decorated super cute. It is just a creatively inspiring place to be. Notice the fun architectural details in the photos…
  • The community that shops there is always so supportive of the arts, and I greatly appreciate that, in more ways than one!
  • Everyone that works there is always so nice and helpful.  It is like being among friends whether it is someone I have met before or not.
  • and now there is a cafe where you can get some coffee or a little baked treat to round out the visit!






My art will be at Bluebird Books through December, along with note cards, prints, bookmarks, cuffs, journals, and messenger bags.  Happy shopping!

Winter King watermark

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