Painting a Fairy Tale…


This last week I ventured into new territory… incorporating some stitching into my artwork…. and something I never use…. glitter!  Inspired by the 2015 version of Cinderella (I wonder how many versions that makes?) My husband and I took two of our grandaughters to see it this summer, and I was impressed.  I really liked the enduring message to “be brave, and be kind.” Very good advice indeed!  I decided to make some art representing the movie… or at least a few of the players.

Cinderella, of course…


I spent quite alot of time incorporating details like machine and hand stitching, which I did before the dress layer was added to the canvas. I also used some of my new handmade paper that had just arrived from Mulberry Paper.   It seemed perfect for the theme, so it is also on the background of all three pieces.

20151209_105418 20151209_105414

I had the most fun with the fairy godmother.


I used cheesecloth, book pages, paper and paint on her dress, which turned out very dimensional.

20151209_105342 20151209_105357

I also added some “beads” and a paper doily.  Then I accented throughout with a white Sharpie paint pen.

20151209_105408 20151209_105336 20151209_105333

Finally, I added a little 8 x 8 inch canvas with a glass slipper.  For the slipper I cut pieces of clear plastic and used gel medium to paste them on over a painted shoe.  I washed over the plastic with some watered down Payne’s Gray and let it seep underneath the plastic a little to give the shoe a faceted look.  More glossy medium, glitter, and “jewels” finish the look.


and of course one of my favorite characters….


I didn’t get around to doing the prince…. maybe I will add him one of these days!

My pieces got the granddaughter approval, so I am happy!



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