Forest Queen

Forest Queen watermark

“Forest Queen” first appeared in my sketchbook.


I was inspired looking through my stash of papers, and my new line of stencils.  Dots in a Row is especially evident in the background.

20160125_130526 dots in a row watermark

After getting everything blocked in, I did some reverse painting on the background, and started adding papers, like a lace print paper napkin for her dress.


Picking just the right papers is a difficult task!

3 papers

I added pattern with my own hand carved stamp.  Gold paint makes the design on the dress.


Slowly adding more detail…

5foliage 6

I used gold ink and a dip pen for detailing her hair.

7forest queen watermark

8 9

If you are interested in this 15 x 30 inch canvas original, contact Tessera Fine Art Gallery at (316) 262-2435.

Happy creating!


It’s Never Too Late….

never too late

While I acknowledge that this is not entirely true… I still very much relate to these words as someone who put off beginning an art career until age 50!  I am so glad that I didn’t let the refrain in my head “you are too old to start now” stop me!  If anything, it has added a motivating urgency to my work.  I have an inkling of just how valuable and fleeting these days are!

Read more about my late in life journey into art on Friday’s Talk 20 post!

Weekend Workshop Fun


Last weekend I taught a workshop for a bunch of art educators (and one brave English teacher!) who had asked me to tell about how I create my art, and also to take my musical easels class.

They asked all kinds of great questions and were a delight to work with! Then we got around to doing some of our own creating!


It was fun to watch the pieces transform as each of the participants worked on them.

20160123_140852 20160123_140824 20160123_150345 20160123_150351 20160123_150405 20160123_140929

The assignment was to create a still life, and I love how different they all turned out!

I especially enjoyed a fun day spent creating with new friends!

Jan 23 2016 workshop pic

Upcoming workshops:

Jan. 30 – 1 – 4pm – Stamp Carving at the Hutchinson Art Center -call (620) 663-1081 to sign up

Feb. 4 – 6-9pm – Easy Printmaking at the Hutchinson Art Center – call (620) 663-1081 to sign up

Feb. 6 – 1 – 4 pm – Artist Trading Cards at Artlandia (Hutchinson) – call (316) 680-2748 to sign up

Feb. 13 – 9 – noon OR 1-4pm – Easy Printmaking at Tessera Fine Art Gallery (Wichita) – call (316) 262-2435 to sign up




New Art – Woodland

Woodland watermark

I created this 12 x 12 inch mixed media collage for Gallery XII“s Crazy Eights exhibit.  Pretty much anything goes in this show as long as it is a square not exceeding 12 x 12 inches.  Mine includes papers I created using Citra Solv.

Lots of paper snipping went into this piece! You can see how I have sketched in a guide for gluing the papers down.


I added a little paint and ink to the background with the help of some stencils.


Tying out a second tree before I start adding leaves.


Lots and lots of little leaves cut out of Citra Solv paper, painted papers, and handmade papers.



This piece will be at Gallery XII in Wichita until Feb. 23rd.


Breathe Deep the Aroma of a New Day

Breathe Deep watermark

I had fun making this piece, challenging myself to lean a bit to the abstract, with slightly wonky proportions.  I aim to continue to do a series of still life pieces.

I started, as one must, with building a background.  This is one of my favorite parts of any piece… adding layers and layers of fun papers and paints, and sometimes a few other surprises as well!


I loved that little bit of apron image showing through on the right side… keep an eye on it! I also had fun adding in these little cardboard circles that were collected out of a parking lot after fireworks fun.

fireworks trash

Then of course, it is time to move to the foreground…


See where the apron ended up?  I added more collage bits from my stash of papers, napkins, tissue, Citra Solved papers, and patterns.  The leaves on the vase are from my own hand carved stamp.

I added the words that the finished piece had inspired…. and a fallen leaf.  Almost done!

almost done

Just needs some shading, and a fallen petal to join the leaf.

Breathe Deep watermark

Happy creating!

Area Workshops Coming Up!

I have a whole rush of workshops coming up in the Hutchinson area and I am really looking forward to them!

First up, on Jan. 30 from 1 to 4pm at the Hutchinson Art Center is Stamp Carving. This is great for the beginner, or the experienced.

flyer stamp carving Hutch Art Center

We will be looking at all kinds of different materials and easy options to create our own stamps.  Cost is $35, and all materials are provided.  If you already have a carving knife, bring it, if not, don’t worry, I have you covered!


Next up, on Feb. 4, will be printmaking, also at the art center.

printmaking flyer for Hutch Art Center

We will look at not only using the gelli plate, but other inexpensive options as well.  We will talk about (and try out!) tools to use, and how to use the beautiful prints we end up with!


Then I will switch venues for the Feb. 6 artist trading card workshop at Artlandia.  These make wonderful little Valentines…


I will also be hanging my art in the lovely gallery space at Artlandia for the month of February!


On Third Thursday, during the artist reception, I will also have a come and go activity table to make cards.  Be watching for my cards to turn up in random places in the Hutchinson area!

etsy atc example

To register for the Stamp Carving, or Printmaking workshops at the Hutchinson Art Center, call (620) 663-1081.

To register for the Artist Trading Card Workshop at Artlandia, please email