Do or Do Not…

yoda watermark

The next spread in my Tribute Journal features Yoda.  So, fictional characters are hanging out alongside real people…. but you have to admit some great wisdom comes out of this little guy!

I got a little mixed up on my Star Wars movies though since I discovered after doing this page that Yoda does not appear until the second (or third?) movie, which is actually 5 or 6.  Not in the 70s… Oh well.

These pages were done in pen and ink, then colored with watercolors and Derwent Inktense pencils.  This 8 x 8 Dylusions journal is working out great for my Tribute Journal.

Do you have a favorite Yoda line?

6 thoughts on “Do or Do Not…

  1. Yoda first appears in Empire Strikes Back (my favourite SW movie) which is film V but was the second made since it’s the second entry in the original trilogy, released in 1980. We are all SW nerds in this house. Anyway, for that reason and also just because it’s superb, I love your pages dedicated to Yoda. I’m going to show the image to my kids who will also admire it hugely.

    • Thanks for the clarification! I have enjoyed the movies, and Yoda, but not kept all the episodes straight over their rather long span of time! I will have to adjust my page….

      • No, don’t adjust it! You weren’t too far out after all and it’s a record of your perspective on people and characters rather than a film guide after all. We watch the original trilogy rather a lot in our house so I’m a nerd – though nowhere near as nerdy as my SW daft husband.

      • Thanks for the reminder that art journals are not in the least bit about perfection (or accuracy)! I have a son that would feel right at home in your SW loving family!

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