The Year of the Faces

One of my goals for 2016 is to continue working on faces, in fact, I am going to try to do at least 365 faces!  I gifted myself with this nifty little leather journal full of handmade paper to inspire myself to stick with it.  Here are the first 12 faces…


20160111_151757 20160111_151851

I am finding the paper a bit hard to paint on, but I am determined to persevere!  I keep reminding myself the goal here is not perfection, it is simply to practice and experiment with color mixing, face shapes, eyes, shading, nose shapes, etc. So much on a face!

20160111_151809  20160111_151816


Have you set an artsy goal for the year?

9 thoughts on “The Year of the Faces

  1. My main goal is to simplify everything in life including art play. I started my 100 faces last year but for some reason I just stopped last August. But I will take up my pencil again and start practicing, improve and find my own style and to produce a monthly face in canvas or wood.

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