Personal Patchwork

woman of color watermarken fascinated with collage faces lately.  I decided to use collage and paint to redo “A Woman of Color”, a canvas that I did while we were camping last summer that I almost liked.  I call my redo “Personal Patchwork”

woman of color watermark

In workshops I keep telling people that if they don’t like a piece, then just keep going back to it until they do. So, this year I intend to redo some of the pieces that I am not quite happy with, but also not ready to entirely paint over.

I think in this piece the collage work seemed to add a spark of life.  I like the eyes especially much better now.  I have been doing some printmaking lately, so used some of my papers in this.  You can see the evidence of my Dots in a Row stencil that I used on the papers!

dots in a row watermark

So what do you think about collage?  Does it seem chaotic to you, or intriguing?

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