The Little Ladies

Mama Hen watermark  The Shepherdess watermark   The Fish Monger's Wife watermark  Foxy Little Lady watermark

One of my goals for 2016 is to work in series.  Not only is it more efficient, but it is also fun to have collections of like themed pieces.  This series of four canvases I affectionately refer to as “The Little Ladies”.  They are each a diminutive 4 x 12 inch canvas.  Here are shots of them from the beginning.

the sketch was done right on the canvas…..


Then I shaded in the faces, I guess so we could get started making friends…


From there it was a process of adding paint, then adding paper, then adding more paint… and then all over again!



So, now let me introduce… the Fishmonger’s Wife,

The Fish Monger's Wife watermark

Mother Hen,

Mama Hen watermark

Foxy Lady,

Foxy Little Lady watermark

and, Shepherdess…

The Shepherdess watermark

Which is your favorite?

Be watching for these to turn up as bookmarks….

9 thoughts on “The Little Ladies

  1. I can’t seem to pick a favourite, I really like them all, especially when they are situated together. Beautiful work – thank you.

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